Refund policy

الذهاب إلى سياسة الإرجاع باللغة العربية

You are required to review the elements of your order in your shopping cart before making final confirmation. Once you place your order through the Salwa and Fayrouz ™ restaurant application and authorize payment with your card, you will not be able to cancel and you will not be entitled to a refund. Since food is perishable and not reusable, orders cannot be changed or canceled. It is highly recommended to submit your requests carefully.

Deliveries are available through the Salwa and Fayrouz ™ restaurant application in the delivery areas and our application will ask you and inform you if our system determines that you are located inside or outside the delivery area. Salwa and Fayrouz Restaurant Limited strive to ensure that your orders are delivered within a reasonable period of time; However, we are not responsible for any delay due to bad weather, traffic jams or any other cases of force majeure stipulated in the terms and conditions.

It is your responsibility to provide us with the correct delivery address as stated in the final confirmation request and to ensure that the person must be available at the time of the proposed delivery to receive your submitted requests. If we are unable to deliver your orders due to an incorrect delivery address or if no one is available to receive orders, you will only be responsible for that and Salwa and Fayrouz Restaurants Limited will not refund, replace or re-delivery in such event. We will not be responsible for any error in the delivery address or the lack of availability to receive orders.

Salwa and Fayrouz Restaurant LLC It reserves the right to change our menu, meal plans, or items, and their prices at any time without prior notice. Payment can be made by credit card or cash at the point of delivery for orders made through the Salwa and Fairuz ™ application in cash at the point of delivery. We accept Visa and MasterCard credit cards. We do not accept any order. Payment authorization is not received from your credit card company. We will not refund, change or cancel the money once we confirm the order or make the payment. You are solely responsible for confirming your order.

The application terms must be read from the app along with other terms and conditions and the privacy policy.

الذهاب إلى سياسة الإرجاع باللغة العربية